2" Magnet Mount


2" Magnet Mount

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➣ Shipping February 2024
➣ Wireless DMX ArtNet
➣ Bluetooth Control
➣ 12+ Hour Battery
➣ Durable Aluminum
➣ 3rd Party ArtNet Compatible
➣ USB-C Fast-Charging
➣ USB-C Continuous Use


made for creators

Easy magnet mounting anywhere.

Say goodbye to heavy and frustrating mounts! With the 2" Magnet Mount, you can take advantage of instant, convenient mounting  that's as simple as can be. Just attach the magnet/mood to any surface, and you're ready to go! Enjoy the power of effortless mounting.

This 2" Magnet Mount offers a secure mounting bracket for photography lighting or events. Easily attach and remove your lighting equipment with its strong, industrial-grade magnets. Enjoy limitless possibilities with its wide range of mounting options.


1x 2" Mounting Mount