41" Zippered Softcase (Fits 8)


41" Zippered Softcase (Fits 8)

Sale price$49.99 USD
➣ Shipping February 2024
➣ Wireless DMX ArtNet
➣ Bluetooth Control
➣ 12+ Hour Battery
➣ Durable Aluminum
➣ 3rd Party ArtNet Compatible
➣ USB-C Fast-Charging
➣ USB-C Continuous Use


made for creators

Carry your gear with ease.

This lightweight, portable carry case fits up to 20 lights, with a sturdy strap for secure transportation and a foam lined interior for added protection. With two large storage pockets, you'll never have to leave anything behind. Discover the convenience of easy carrying toda

This 41" Zippered Softcase provides ample storage space for up to 10 electronic devices and their accessories. Its stylish design features a foam liner, backstrap, handstrap, and two large front pockets. Keep your tech secure and organized with this functional, modern bag.


1x 40" Zippered Softcase