5" Disc Base
5" Disc Base


5" Disc Base

Sale price$9.99 USD
➣ Shipping February 2024
➣ Wireless DMX ArtNet
➣ Bluetooth Control
➣ 12+ Hour Battery
➣ Durable Aluminum
➣ 3rd Party ArtNet Compatible
➣ USB-C Fast-Charging
➣ USB-C Continuous Use


made for creators

Sleek and minimal event mounting.

This 3D Pyramid Connector creates a unique lighting experience. It allows you to rig and connect LED tubes in three-dimensional patterns, perfect for DJs, stages, and events. This connector system unlocks vibrant, immersive reactive lighting and numerous creative possibilities.

The 5" Disc Base is the perfect solution for vertical mounting. With its 1/4" universal mount, a sleek, modern design and added support through a weighted stand, you can be sure that you'll get the best support and stability you need.


1x  Metal 5" Disc Base