5" Tripod Stand
5" Tripod Stand


5" Tripod Stand

Sale price$9.99 USD
➣ Shipping February 2024
➣ Wireless DMX ArtNet
➣ Bluetooth Control
➣ 12+ Hour Battery
➣ Durable Aluminum
➣ 3rd Party ArtNet Compatible
➣ USB-C Fast-Charging
➣ USB-C Continuous Use


made for creators

A strong polished metal tripod.

This 5" Tripod Stand is an ideal tool for stabilizing your camera. Constructed from premium quality metal with large, strong legs for maximum support span, it is designed for maximum durability and sleekness. Its universal 1/4" mount ensures compatibility with your lights.

This 5" metal tripod stand is an ideal solution for various photo, video, and production tasks. With its lightweight and minimal design, it provides reliable support for other equipment with ease. Its reliable performance, combined with its sleek design, make it an excellent everyday rigging solution.


1x Metal 5" Tripod Stand